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10 Carbon Fiber Products Used Everyday

Posted by Barbara FU on

Carbon fiber products are present in the everyday world, they are no longer limited to aviation and automobile as they were some years ago. They are many applications of carbon fiber products in the items we use regularly. In recent times, we have migrated to household items. The carbon fiber manufacturing process includes the making of household items such as watches, phone cases, pens, umbrella, and the rest of them. Advancement in carbon fiber molding technology gave rise to this common product.

Carbon fiber parts offer an immense advantage over metals such as steel, titanium, and aluminum. It has high-temperature resistance, high tensile strength alongside a very lightweight. Additionally, it offers corrosion resistance and chemical stability. Here are a few products that consist of carbon fiber parts.

Carbon Fiber Phone Cases
Cell phone cases were mostly made from synthetic leather and plastic material. In recent times, more exotic cases are made from carbon fiber parts. Carbon fiber phones cases are durable and non-poisonous. Additionally, due to the strength of carbon itself, the cases are not easily prone to wear and tear as common with plastic. The design of the carbon fiber phone cases makes them able to withstand shock. It is capable of withstanding almost 100% of the shock thereby protecting the phone. You can find several iPhone cases available made from carbon fiber parts. Protect and beautify your phone using a carbon fiber phone case.

Carbon Fiber Guitar
Since the history of the guitar, the body has always been wood. This includes both the acoustic and as well as the electric guitar. Woods such as Mahogany, Maple, Basswood, and Walnut has been in popular use in making the body of the guitar. Improvements in the carbon fiber manufacturing process brought diversity. Making a guitar body is now possible by using some carbon fiber molding techniques. Carbon fiber guitar is now available. In fact, the carbon fiber guitar is gradually starting to replace the wooding guitar and as well as some other stringed musical instruments.

Carbon fiber guitars are lightweight which makes them easy to carry about. Additionally, it has a consistent density and thickness which aids in producing synchronous sound. It produces crystal clear and very loud musical notes in comparison to wood guitars. The sound of the wooden guitar mellows over time, but the carbo fiber does not. It produces consistent sound over a long period of time. It can also withstand scratches and cracks, unlike woods. Looking for something new, get your hands on a carbon fiber guitar today!

Carbon Fiber Flag Pole
Flag poles for outside always have to withstand all kinds of weather like rain or snow. Rust-proofing is essential and necessary. Our Carbon fiber will never rust, the flag poles made by carbon fiber will not rust after a long time of use. Also, it's 5-7 times the strength of other kinds of materials. If you need to hand-held the flag pole, the carbon fiber flag pole is always the lightest one. Having a carbon fiber pole on the gate/yard is the coolest thing for flag/banner lovers.

Carbon Fiber Helmet
After airplanes and cars, the helmet is one of the earliest items to consist of carbon fiber composites material. The helmet is an essential safety device for mostly bikers and cyclists. Helmets made from carbon fiber parts offer a higher level of durability in comparison to others. They offer better crack-resistant than regular fiberglass helmets. Additionally, they can withstand scratches more than the other types. Carbon fiber helmets are lighter in weight and have better strength. In terms of safety, a carbon fiber helmet can absorb energy in the event of a crash. They offer better flexibility and safety in comparison to other types.

Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket
Tennis rackets mostly consist of wood materials. Steel and Aluminum are also in common use. Modern tennis rackets consist of carbon fiber composites materials. You can find carbon fiber rackets in use in real action today. The features that make up a perfect racket are control, comfort, and power. The comfort and power are from a lightweight and large tennis frame. However, better control is through a smaller tennis frame and heavier weight. Thus, these three factors must be carefully put into consideration to get the best result. Carbon fiber manufacturing experts always consider these factors. In this case, the use of carbon fiber comes in. The carbon fiber helps to create a racket having higher strength, lighter weight, and higher stiffness without having to compromise on any factor. Although it is a slightly more expensive racket but gives you a total sense of comfort when using it to play a game.

Carbon Fiber Umbrella
Carbon fiber manufacturing processes now allow for the making of items such as umbrellas. A carbon fiber umbrellas design is in such a way that it can withstand hurricane-force winds and not collapse. The frame of the umbrella built with more than one pivot point allows it to flex and move with the wind. In addition to its rigid structure, the umbrella can adjust so that high winds do not wrench it to shreds. The thin layers of the carbon fiber sheets give it a sleek look. You can easily notice this by the feeling of the texture of the material. If you do not have one, plan to get one soon.

Carbon Fiber Pens
For the regular pens, the barrel, ink tube, and cap are usually made of plastic. Similarly, the tip and ballpoint consist of metals. This is the norm that has since changed with the introduction of carbon fiber parts. Carbon fiber pens are already on the market. Companies can now fashion carbon fiber sheets to make the cap, barrel, tip, and even ballpoint. Carbon fiber pens are lightweight and strong. They do not easily break, unlike the regular pens. They are sustainable, such that you can refill when it is empty. It comes in sleek and attractive designs. They are super ideal for both casual and corporate office use. So, you can include carbon fiber pens in your end-of-year gift packs.

Carbon Fiber Ring
Most of the black-colored ring is from carbon fiber, along with tungsten. This ring is different from the popular gold, silver, or diamond. Rings made with carbon fiber composites are durable and can resist corrosion. A carbon fiber black ring is trendy, resistant to scratch, and sometimes more affordable when comparing them with rings from other substances. Additionally, carbon fiber composites materials have good strength thus making them strong and long-lasting. They are non-poisonous, and biologically inert in nature, thus making them friendly to the skin. Making a switch from metals to carbon fiber would be a smart one!

Carbon Fiber Pocketknife
People carry pocketknife for different reasons. Ideally, a pocketknife should be lightweight, shape, strong, and as well as portable. Pocketknife made with carbon fiber parts has these qualities and even more. They are corrosion-resistant, unlike the metals type which is prone to corrosion. Additionally, a carbon fiber pocketknife is easy to sharpen and does not wear out easily. Carbon fiber composites materials have good tensile strength, thus may not easily break on subjection to torsion. It comes in sleek and pocket-friendly designs. Carbon fiber knives are available in many online shops.

Carbon Fiber Wallet
Besides leather and fabrics, wallets are also made from carbon fiber composites materials. Carbon fiber wallets are waterproof unlike fabrics or textile wallets. The design of the body allows for colorful printings. Additionally, carbon fiber wallets are durable as they can withstand the constant weight of the body when in the back pockets. It is lighter than leather and has a better feel and appeal. Carbon fiber wallets often do not fade or change color from long use.

Lastly, the list of carbon fiber products is exhaustive. Companies manufacturing carbon fiber products have galleries replete with amazing products. The bottom line is that carbon fiber is seamlessly replacing other materials because of the benefits it offers. The cost-to-benefit ratio of carbon fiber products is progressively reducing, thus making it an ideal choice for manufacturers.