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Frequently Asked Questions About Carbon Fiber Tubes

Posted by Barbara FU on

Why Should I Use Carbon Fiber Tubing?
Carbon fiber has the best combination of high strength, high stiffness, and lightweight. Our carbon fiber tubes are as strong as steel, as stiff as aluminum and lighter than titanium. Carbon fiber tubes can replace metal tubes in many applications. We offer a wide range of tubes to fit your needs.

What Kind Of Carbon Fiber Is The Best?
We offer multiple grades of carbon fiber that are optimized for stiffness, strength and price. Standard modulus carbon fiber is the do-all carbon fiber and usually the most affordable. Intermediate modulus is the strongest available fiber and high modulus tubes are super stiff.

What’s The Difference Between Unidirectional And Fabric Tubes?
Unidirectional carbon fiber is the structural backbone of all our tubes. The fabric weave that gives carbon fiber tubes their traditional ”carbon fiber look” is only the outside layer and helps with durability. Our tubes typically use layups designed for optimal performance in a wide range of conditions.

How Do I Pick The Best Tube For My Project?
We offer a wide range of carbon fiber tube sizes to fit nearly any application. If you’re replacing an existing metal tube a good place to start is with a carbon fiber tube of similar dimensions. Our customer service team is also able to answer questions and steer you down the right path.